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Pipestry Simplifies Prospecting

Started by Two Sales Hackers to Defy the Laws of Prospecting


Why We Started Pipestry

Building an internal sales prospecting team is overly expensive, time-consuming and requires an extensive knowledge of the latest processes and tools.

Most outsourced B2B sales prospecting teams are limited to single-channel outreach, out of touch with modern best practices and use a pay-per-meeting model that encourages poor quality and results.

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Your Full Service Sales Prospecting Team

Pipestry leverages the latest sales prospecting strategies and technologies to set highly qualified meetings and create predictable revenue for companies looking to scale their outreach effectively.

Our team operates like a supply chain with each member having a single focused role (strategy, research, copywriting, social engagement, responses) working seamlessly together.

We keep customers up-to-date through Slack, account-based reporting which pulls data directly from Gmail, and weekly meetings where we report all key learnings, meetings and results.

We're on a Mission to Make Scaling B2B Sales Prospecting Easy

Company Values

We CRUSH our clients' B2B sales prospecting goals

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