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Direct Mail Services

Flatter Your Prospects with Gifts and Handwritten Letters


Our Direct Mail Process

Our automated direct mail strategy sets meetings with your hardest to reach prospects


Send Custom Gifts

We send your gift of choice with a handwritten letter

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Email Follow Up

When your gift arrives, we start an email cadence

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Book Meetings

Handle responses and book meetings with top prospects

Some Of Our Favorite Direct Mail Items

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Coffee Gift Cards

Although you're not in the same city, it doesn't mean you can't buy prospects coffee

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Wine Bottles

Most executives have enough coffee, that's why we prefer to treat them to a bottle of wine

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Champagne Bottles

One thing executive like better than wine is a nice sparkling champagne bottle

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Custom Gifts

Our direct mail fulfillment is handled in-house and we can send any custom gift

Surprise Prospects With Our Custom Gift Options

Key Aspects to B2B Direct Mail Campaigns

We've seen meeting rates north of 30% and set meetings with the world's largest companies


Handwritten Note

This classy gesture makes the prospect feel your message is personalized and demonstrates that you put in your time and research.

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Conversational Tone

Campaigns and copy that sound like marketing messages or something you would write for a tradeshow, fail. The tone of the copy should be genuine and feel like a personal message.

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Activate with Email

Less than 0.2% of prospects will go out of their way to call or email you after sending a B2B direct mail package. You need to send a follow up email or phone call in order to get them to respond.