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What Is SalesReply?

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Fully functional CRM built to organize, validate and track all contact and account data

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Create campaigns designed to get results with never-before-seen features and integrations

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Full transparency into every aspect of our campaigns, messaging and results

A/B Testing Is Dead.

Introducing an entirely new method to determine the perfect copy for your audience

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Patent Pending Multivariate Testing

We've created a modern, digital and scalable approach to sales prospecting

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Variables Sets

Users can add a set of values and optimize which variables are yielding the best open rates, responses and meetings booked

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Each email is populated with random variables, which increases deliverability as every single email becomes unique

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Inside each variable set, there are stats for sends, open rate, response rate, and meeting rates

Other Unique Features

Funds Transfer

Open Rate Sampling

Adding an open tracking pixel to your emails actually decreases the number of emails that are being opened. The exact opposite of its purpose. We offer the option to track a percentage of your emails to keep your pulse on your subject line success without cannibalizing your deliverability.

Insurance Audit

Multivariate Testing

We've broken down every aspect of a sales email into custom variables (ex. Subject, Greeting, Opener, Problem Statement, Value Prop, Story, Call-To-Action, Closer). For each variable, a user can upload custom values and optimize the variables yielding the best open rates, responses and meetings booked.

Increase Productivity

Volume Throttling

One of the biggest flags for spam is "unnatural" spikes in volume, particularly on a brand new domain. Our system allows users to set a "Full-Throttle Volume" that will be gradually ramped up to using the "Days Till Full-Throttle" feature.


Global Bounce List

In part of our effort to maximize deliverability, we've taken on the battle of the hard bounce. All databases degrade, but SalesReply protects its users' email deliverability using aggregated hard bounce data to decrease bounce rates and increase engagement.

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