Ask Us About Our New Referral Program!

Referral Program

Help your Friends, Partners, or Clients CRUSH their Sales



We provide you with growing incentives and offer exclusive discounts and other bonus services at no costs to your partners so it becomes a win-win for all parties.

Do You Know A Founder or VP of Sales That Needs To:

  • Rapidly accelerate their growth
  • Quickly fill a gap in their sales development team
  • Increase sales activity due to loss of revenue or clients
  • Charges at least $1,000/month or more for their product/service
  • Get quality meetings with VP or C-Level Execs

Get Paid By A Simple Warm Introduction

Benefits To Your Referrals

No annoying sales people - As a sign of respect and way of making the introduction more valued, any meeting set-up with is taken by one of our two co-founders.

  • We'll give your partners a 5% discount on our services + no setup fees
  • We provide 100% of the contacts their sales team needs for free!
  • Build a Total Addressable Market (master target account list)
  • A 30 page Sales Development Playbook with our best templates and benchmarks

Benefits to You

We give rewards to companies who provide warm introductions to their B2B partners. Commissions will be paid once Pipestry receives full payment for the quarter.


The company must be a B2B technology or service company that charges at least $10K or more per year per client. Here is our ideal prospect:

  •  <50 employees and <$10M in revenue
  • B2B Tech  & Product Companies
  • Digital & Marketing Agencies
  • Professional Services

Qualifying Questions (If Yes, Then No Fit)

  • Is your business providing either IT, Recruiting, Development?
  • Is your primary target market Government or Health?
  • Is your average deal size smaller than $2K / month?

Can We Refer You Any Business?

Our clients like our work and ask us for help in other areas - but we can't do everything. So we're constantly evaluating the best partners that we can bring them to.