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Sales Prospecting Services

We Build Lists, Write Copy, A/B Test Campaigns and Schedule Meetings


How Pipestry Works


Build Lists

Research total addressable market and find at least 3 decision makers per account


Write Copy

Create A/B tests for each market vertical and optimize subject lines, copy and CTAs

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Book Meetings

Follow up with prospects, manage responses and book sales qualified meetings

Multi-Channel Outreach Strategies

For every client, we create a custom strategic outreach playbook and set weekly goals

Sales Development Playbook 2
Sales Development Playbook

The Advantages of Pipestry

Funds Transfer

Cost Effective

No risk, monthly pricing and less than ⅓ the avg cost of a rep ($100K/yr including training, salary, etc.)

Insurance Audit


We build lists, research contacts, write copy, handle objections and schedule meetings

Increase Productivity

Immediate Results

Our trained experts start producing month one (the average ramp up for a rep is 3 months)


SaaS Experts

We combine our own technology with our digital expertise to scale emerging SaaS companies

We're A Full-Service Sales Development Supply Chain

The Next Generation of Sales Prospecting

We've created a modern, digital and scalable approach to sales prospecting

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Work together and only start outreach once you have approved everything

Growth Stock


Weekly meetings to discuss what's upcoming, highlights and learning lessons

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Allowed to be in contact with your rep via phone, email and slack at all times

Real-Time Reporting Client Portal

At any moment you can login and report on your exact campaign performance

Sales Prospecting Reporting