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Social Prospecting

Increase Your Reach By Connecting With Prospects Over Social Media


Increase Your Effectiveness

Pipestry’s prospecting service uses multi-channel outreach including LinkedIn

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Increase Reach

75% of B2B companies use social prospecting in their decision-making process and 10% of your contact database will only be reachable via LinkedIn

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Scale Outreach

LinkedIn outreach is very manual and time-consuming, but we have figured out a process and have the infrastructure to scale it

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Increase Conversions

Depending on the target, meetings increase by 20-40% when LinkedIn is added as an additional prospecting channel

Want to Add LinkedIn Outreach Only?

LinkedIn outreach comes as part of our prospecting program, but we also provide it as a standalone service to companies wish to add the new channel to their internal programs 

Targets per quarter is Pipestry’s standard service includes multi-channel outreach with Email, LinkedIn, and Direct Mail


Monthly you can add LinkedIn to your outreach process and execute prospecting at a fraction of the cost, so your team can focus on calling

Scaling LinkedIn Outreach Like You've Never Thought Possible

How It Works

Pipestry creates Linkedin profiles or uses existing accounts of reps for outreach

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Enhance Profile

Tailor your LinkedIn profile for your buyer and make an awesome first impression

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Add Connections

Expands your network with daily invites to decision makers, and influencers

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Engage Prospects

Once connected, we send 2 or more follow up messages to drive a response

Audit And Enhance Your Profile

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Report Social Success On Our Custom Dashboard

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