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Student Program

Helping Young Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams



Pipestry has created a program that provides free consulting, contact and company data for students in high school or college who wish to become Entrepreneurs.


Must be a current university or high school student looking to start a B2B technology or service company that charges at least $10K or more per year for each client.

Turn Your Business Idea Into A Million Dollar Company

Free Services

Pipestry will provide contact data from its proprietary database at no cost for up to 10,000 contacts or companies (valued at up to $30,000). In addition, we will provide up to 2 hours of consulting (valued at $500) at no cost on how to establish a B2B Sales program, pitch, and operations.


Contact Data

List of company and contact data including email, phone, LinkedIn

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Sales Consulting

Expert advice and feedback for you B2B Sales process and operations

15% Student Discount + Key Deliverables

In addition to our free services, Pipestry provides an exclusive student discount on Pipestry’s Full-service offering, including no additional charge for 2 Key Deliverables - Total Addressable Market and Sales Development Playbook (value of $5,000).

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Outbound Sales Prospecting

Full-service multi-channel outreach to 1,000 prospects

Market Research

Total Addressable Market

Master list of all companies you can work with in the U.S.

School Book-01

Sales Development Playbook

Key strategy and operations for your outbound outreach